Global Life Sciences inc Presents Tune Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

A Giant Leap Forward in Homeopathic Science!

GLS TUNE! is the Missing Piece to the Puzzle!

The Proven Science backed Power of Cannabidiol, Xanthohumol and Curcumin are well known and put into use every day by homeopathic doctors as all natural alternatives to modern ‘medicines’ known to very often inflict more harm than good.

Tune! is the World’s first Water Soluble formulation of a combination of all three of these life changed Oil Extracts. Now with clinically proven FOUR TIMES the blood stream concentrations of standard oil extracts, and at HALF THE COST per milligram!

The Science World is Flipping over The Very Idea of Water Soluble Oils!

Activeda Water Solubility Technology is a Revolutionary Change in Formulation Science!

Clinically Proven Superior Delivery & Absorption

Global Life Science’s first and primary  product, TUNE™, contains a cutting edge all natural, one-of-a-kind, water-soluble formula using ActiVeda™ technology with only premium all natural ingredients.

TUNE™ is part our proprietary Internal Operating Systems (iOS) DNA of products, that are scientifically designed to support the various internal systems of our beautifully designed bodies. The full spectrum hemp extract in TUNE™ liquid concentrate is extracted using Supercritical  as well as Subcritical technologies, this unique formula represents a more advanced solution to the many scientific hurdles that exist when developing a pharmaceutical grade dosage of Phyto-Cannabidiod minus the THC.

The Entourage Effect

Working Together to Create Power

ActiVeda™ is a totally unique, patented
mixture of synergistic botanical ingredients;
that is the power behind all the TUNE™
products, which have peak complimentary
flavonoids and terpenophenolic (scent)
profiles. ActiVeda™ is a proprietary all natural
formula and contains many various compounds
that help to boost and incrementally elevate
the activity of Phyto-Cannabidiods.

These handshake molecules, when combined,
using our proprietary and patented methods,
create an enhanced medicinal and molecular
effect that we call the ‘Entourage Effect’.
Simply, it’s a perfect recipe available
only from Global Life Sciences.

Eric Kuhrts; Co-Founder, Formulating Scientist of Global Life Sciences, Inc.

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Eric is the founder and President of more than several pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and diagnostic companies, and is the inventor of large numbers of patents and innovative product technologies.

He has been involved in all aspects of management and research related to diagnostic, pharmaceuticals and consumer products for in excess of 25 years, and raised millions of dollars for bio-pharmaceutical ventures. One of his products  has  generated over $180 million dollars in annual revenue, with cumulative sales of well over $2,000,000,000.00 over a 10 year period, making it one of the biggest selling products in the dietary supplement industry.

Currently, he has over 81 patents listed in the worldwide database of patents, the World Intellectual Property Organization, including the TIMED-RELEASE Delivery Patent,  used by manufacturers all over the world.

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